A Deaf Slant on the Universe

We are naturally drawn to light like moths. Under that illumination, we are free to communicate. We can’t hear, but we can feel the vibes of the world and create prisms of color with our hands.
Here, we unleash our own brand of human.

The Daily Moth delivers news in video using American Sign Language. The Deaf host, Alex Abenchuchan, covers trending stories and Deaf topics with a twist of humor and Deaf culture.

The Daily Moth 1-19-17

Italian Avalanche Collapses 3-Story Hotel, Orlando Suspected Murderer Markeith Loyd Appears in Court, Deaf MEP Presidential Candidate Helga Stevens in 3rd Place, Turkish Authorities Capture ISIS NYE Nightclub Shooter, Ft. Lauderdale Shooter in Court, Military B-2 Mission Against ISIS, and Preview of Inauguration of Donald Trump. ——— Hello, welcome to the Daily Moth! It is Thursday, January 19. Ready for news? ——— In the center of Italy — a serious avalanche buried and collapsed a three-story hotel (Hotel Rigopiano) during nighttime — with up to 30 guests and staff inside. The avalanche was up to 35 feet tall, it had snow, ice, mud, and debris that overwhelmed the building and ripped it off its foundation. The building might have been weakened by the earthquakes. Some parts and pieces of the hotel was scattered more than 300 feet away. You can see from pictures that the hotel is nestled at the bottom of a mountain so you can imagine the impact the snow had. It was snowing heavily at the time and it delayed the rescue effort. Ambulances are only able to reach within 5 miles of the hotel. When rescuers were able to arrive, via skis, snowmobiles, and helicopter, they tried their best to go through the damage. The inside of the hotel was just filled up with snow and ice. One rescuer said there were many dead with a few survivors — but so far only three have been confirmed dead. One of the survivors is a man who said he walked out of the hotel to get something from his car — and then the avalanche hit...